Sunday, May 10, 2015

No More E Coli, Super Bugs? Living Disease-Free as a Vegan

As I was putting away my cutting boards the other day, it dawned on me...I no longer have to use special "Meat Only" boards or risk cross contaminating them! It was so freeing. I no longer have to worry if the meat has been cooked all the way through or constantly check the meat thermometer.

All because I am officially meat free.

It has been so fun coming up with new recipes or ways of cooking that doesn't include meat as the main dish. Now my "side dishes" are my main dishes! (They were always my favorite part anyways...). Think of living and eating in abundance. Wow! I now eat all the fruit and veggies I want. All the rice, beans, corn, potatoes and lentils I want. No calorie restriction, no more small portions, no more coming down hard on myself for eating too much and worrying about gaining weight.

I encourage you, if you've been considering it, to go Meat Free! Or if that seems like too much, then try a few meals a week without meat. I can't tell you how many great reasons there are for doing would take too long. But a few are lower water usage for cattle, less gas from the cattle, less wasting resources for growing feed for the animals, lower your risk of cancer, improve your overall health, no more torturing and killing thousands of animals a day, less inflammatory disease....just to name a few. Feel light again. Stop feeling bloating by meat and dairy every-time you finish a meal.

Give it a try. See how you feel after a week of doing this. Good luck to you,

Salud. Health to all.

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