Monday, March 31, 2014

Come Stretch Your Lower Body with Me! I I Best ways to warmup and stretc...

Hi everyone! I cannot stress the importance of stretching to you. I have taken a hiatus with hot yoga for about a month and already my body is uncomfortable and tight! Get back in shape with me as we warm-up our bodies and stretch.

My favorite warm-ups have been these in the video for years now. Inchworms are great to dynamically stretch your hamstrings and shoulders, with a bonus core workout as well. Spiderman is a fun exercise that really gets your hip flexors and groin. Staying low you take a step forward, bend down, touch elbow to your instep, then crawl forward and repeat on the other side. High knees and butt kicks are fun heart pumping warm-ups. Then to round it out, I really enjoy clock hops. These can be a little tricky at first but hopefully you will get the hang of it. Start forward facing, hop to the right then towards the left. So if your feet were a clock, you start at 12, then jump to 2, back to 12 then jump towards 10. Start slow, then work your speed up.

Enjoy the relaxing rope stretches as well.

Have a great workout!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Improve your Posture! Help your self after a long days work.

Check out my first video on YouTube! They will get better I promise :) Here's some tips to help with the hunch over a desk or from reading/studying all day. Enjoy.