Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Virtuous Workout!!?? WHAT!

So I love the idea of Virtue. It can be defined and used a few different ways but I always think it's "how we act when no one is looking." I was thinking about this today while studying and it dawned on me that this can be applied to our workouts!

I just packed up and made an across the country move from Florida to Washington State so along with everything else in my life, my workout schedule has gone askew. The apartment complex we're in has a decent little gym so I've been in there some, but for me, it is a weird feeling to workout by myself, when no one else is around. I'm used to drawing from some sense of comradery or team atmosphere to help motivate me.

So then back to having a Virtuous Workout. We need to draw from within to motivate ourselves. What reasons are there for working out? Staying healthy, that's a given, Looking fit! okaaay...but really why should we exercise? If for no other reason, how about to treat our bodies that God has given us as He would like. We are hard working people, from sun-up to sun-down, we are on the go. So why not apply that hard work to physical activity? Working hard should not just benefit our families or our pockets, but it should benefit our health.


Workout for the day involves full body exercises! I do these when I get to the gym and am not motivated to work a particular muscle group. I end up loving these more than anything because they get your whole body involved and you really feel accomplished afterward.

Note: For Beginners, You DO NOT have to use weight. Just do the action and get your form down first. Then possibly add light dumbbells, water bottles, a broomstick or rake....

Virtuous Workout:

1. Lunge With Twist: Lunge walk while arms are straight our in front of you. Do this 10 Times, alternating sides, each time twisting your Trunk and your Arms towards the Right side. Rest. Repeat 10 times to the Left.

2. Power Clean (no JERK :) 
This is tricky to please watch youtube video to get form down.
Thanks to Ben! 
I vary it a little. I used 10 pound dumbbells(one in each hand), rest them on my thighs to start. You still to the same motion. 
Shrug your shoulders, while bringing you arms up and flip your wrists to rest the weights on your shoulders. As your flipping your wrists, squat down, then rest the weight on your shoulders and return to standing.
Try 10 reps.
**Here is one more link with pictures: The picture #4-#8 is what I'm looking for. The jump is optional.
Try to learn this one, it is great for your whole body.

3.  Squat with Superman Press (alternative to overhead press which you NEVER want to do)Not the best pic, as you come up out of the squat push the weight straight up in front of your forehead.

As always try to end with a few Planks. Refer to my previous blog posts. They'll keep your core right!

Try this short workout to get your body moving!