Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day one. Get your body moving!

My mission is simple. I want you to see your best possible life: la vida possible. 

First, I am a certified athletic trainer who now has 9 years of experiencing the ups and downs with both patients and athletes. My passion is working with elite athletes and helping them from the time an injury happens back to return to play. I have worked from the high school level up to more recently professional athletes. From a state championship high school team all the way up to the NBA.

Now, the mind of an Athlete is different than the average person. It is multi-faceted, focused and strives to endure anything in order to return to the sport they love. This is who I love to work with, passionate individuals who see a finish line. 

Now as much fun as it is working with a fine tuned athlete I have to say there are more out there who NEED HELP.  I am very accustomed to working with post-injury to post- operative patients as well. One can learn a lot in 9 years of clinical physical therapy. I want to inspire those who need it to push themselves a little more, even if that means just getting motivated to do those exercises your therapist prescribed to you. But most of all, what I see in an office setting is complaints about back and neck pain. Or shoulder or knee pain...

Sound like you? Just a little...??

The human body is amazing! The way it protects itself from injury, the way it heals, in my mind, was all perfectly designed. So what makes for a healthy person or body you might ask...

OUR BODY WAS DESIGNED TO MOVE! It's that simple. We were made to walk and bend, run and lift...but look at the majority of Americans job positions. They sit! Obviously you need to do your job but because a lot of us sit so much throughout the day WE HAVE TO COMBAT THIS. 

We have to work to reverse years of sitting at a computer. Or years of doing the same repetitive motions. There is a perfect balance you can find between sitting and standing...or bending and lifting. 



Walk 10 minutes. 

Do 15 half lunges each leg. (half= don't go down all the way) 

Do 2 sets of 10 standing squats. (bend at the hips first, then the knees)

Stretch basic muscle groups... Hamstrings, Quads and Hips. (pictures to come)

That's it! Just try this for today...

(health in Spanish)


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  2. Thanks Denise! As a former amateur boxer with a long and successful career - now in my mid-50's, I enjoyed your post. You are absolutely correct, athletes (and former athletes) often march to a different drum beat. Even old timers dream of our "glory days". Too often, the dreaming has replaced the discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for taking time to motivate the masses. Let's get moving together. Bendiciones (blessings in Spanish)!